Steeped in the World of Tea

I have an entire shelf full of books about tea. They are all written by different authors but they all generally contain the typical information and anecdotes on the history of tea. I recently had the pleasure of reading a very unusual book called Steeped in the World of Tea. It is an anthology of short stories, poems and essays punctuated with Juliana Spears’ photographs of tea and tea ware from around the world. There were stories that made me laugh, poems that made me remember peaceful moments spent with a good cup of tea and even a few that brought tears to my eyes.

The contributors are diverse but they all have tea in common. This is the real story of tea, the sensations and experiences that are the common thread we all share despite cultural or geographical differences. The editors are donating a portion of their proceeds to Food First, a non-profit education-for-action center committed to establishing food as a fundamental human right. If you are lover of tea then this is a must read.

You can find out more about this book here.

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