Stash Tea Peach Cobbler Herbal Tea

Country of Origin: not listed
Leaf Appearance: mottled mix of dark green and brown
Ingredients: organic guayusa, orange peel, cassia, honeybush, natural caramel flavor and natural peach flavor
Steep time: 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 212 degrees
Preparation Method: ceramic cup
Liquor: amber

The aroma of this tea was incredible. It struck me as being slightly more like apple cobbler but I was blown away by how “baked” it smelled. The taste was oh so juicy and sweet without being syrupy. The cassia (aka Chinese cinnamon) gave it a perfect touch of home baked goodness. Even though the fruit was definitely the dominant flavor, there was a subtle earthiness in the background that kept it from becoming overwhelming. After drinking this herbal tea, I really wanted a slice of pie! It had a very interesting blend of ingredients and I think they really came together and delivered. I’ve had several teas from Stash’s guayusa dessert tea line and they have all been delicious.

You can find this tea here.