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Seven Cups Sunrise Pear Yi Xing Pot

Ever since I started my obsession with tea I have wanted to get a Yixing teapot. After months of debate, I finally decided on the Sunrise Pear pot from Seven Cups. Their customer service was amazing and it shipped very quickly. The pot came in a plain brown box but inside was a bright pink and yellow silky drawstring bag. The bottom of the bag was padded with foam to protect the pot as well. It came with a certificate of authenticity which was nice since I consider a purchase like this one to be an investment. This is a smaller pot, just right for personal use. I find myself admiring its elegant shape whenever I use it.

The design on the pot invokes an image of the sun rising over water. This is created by a method called “jiao ni” and is accomplished by mixing clay and using it to create a natural landscape design without painting on the surface. I seasoned this pot according to the directions on Seven Cup’s website. It took most of the day but it was worth it because my first cup of tea was absolutely perfect. Subsequent steepings have been even better. I think I’m in love :). I will have a review of their Oolong tea that I used in it forthcoming.

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