Sencha Naturals Green Tea Leaf Mints

I’m always on the look out for tea infused things to try and Sencha Naturals’ line of breath mints really caught my eye. The company was founded by David Kerdoon after an inspiring trek through Asia in 2001. Their products are made in a solar powered facility in Los Angeles, California. I loved the idea of green tea mints and the fact that they are vegan, gluten free, sugar free and caffeine free. Their original flavor is made with organic green tea extract. According to Sencha Naturals’ website, three mints has the same amount of antioxidants as a cup of tea. The taste was fresh and minty with a light, pleasant vegetal note. The eco-twist tube made it super easy to carry them in my purse.

I also tried the mango, pink dragonfruit, Bombay chai and Moroccan mint. The sweet and spicy chai was probably my favorite out all of them with dragonfruit being a close second. Overall I thought that they were really tasty and unique. Once I finish my variety pack tin, I will definitely be stocking up on more of the grene tea flavor. They sell a bulk pack that would be perfect for my desk at work. Since these mints are sugar free, it’s important to note that the sweetener Xylitol is toxic to pets so your mints should be kept out of the reach of your furry friends.

You can find out more about these mints here.

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