Random Cups of Tea

Life can get really busy and sometimes I have to get my tea fix whenever and however I can. Unfortunately that also means not always being able to take the time to really enjoy what I’m sipping. Every once in a while, there is a cup that will surprise me and make me stop to take that contemplative tea time without realizing it. I’m going to share one such cup because it’s important to remember to indulge every once in a while.

I had just finished a long day working in Manhattan when the oh so wonderful Sunday subway schedule made my commute home even longer than I had expected. I wound up hoofing it through SoHo. As I was rushing down Broadway I suddenly spotted the sign for Harney & Son’s. I debated outside for a few seconds but it didn’t take long to convince myself to head inside for a spot of tea. The day was getting late so I had to settle for a cup to go. I settled on their “snow dragon” green tea and grabbed a few macaroons before hitting the pavement again.

Before the tea was even cool enough to sip, I immediately noticed the incredible aroma. I found myself slowing my pace more and more. The taste was delicately sweet with nutty and vegetal notes. It was just what the doctor ordered for a not-quite-yet-but-almost-there spring day. Before I knew it I was sitting down in park, completely absorbed in this cup of tea and those delicious macaroons. When I was done I felt completely refreshed and renewed.

I wasn’t supposed to stop for tea or even be in that neighborhood that day. It was an reminder that sometimes it’s the unplanned cups of tea that matter most. When was your last random cup?