Pre-A-Matcha Kickstarter Launch Party

It’s not often that a Kickstarter impresses me but as soon as I saw Pret-A-Matcha, I knew that I needed this bottle in my life. Matcha is a constant in my routine and I rely on it a lot to get me through a hectic work schedule. Not long after I discovered Pret-A-Matcha on Instagram, tea friend Alexis of Teaspoons and Petals reached out with an invite to their Kickstarter launch party.

The party was hosted at Luv Tea, an adorable bubble tea shop located in the West Village. I had been meaning to stop in there for ages but just never got around to it before. They have a small selection of loose leaf tea but the focus of the event was definitely on matcha. It was an incredibly hot and humid day and their staff quickly made sure that we all had iced glasses of matcha in hand.

One of my favorite things about events like this one is getting to catch up with my fellow tea bloggers. Some of the folks in attendance included:

Sara from Tea Happiness

Jo from A Gift of Tea

Jee from Oh, How Civilized

Darlene from The Tea Lover’s Archives

I was so glad that I was able to attend this event because it gave me the chance to meet Lisa Henderson, founder of Pret-A-Matcha. Her passion for matcha really shone through as she explained what inspired her to develop this innovative bottle. As attendees filtered in, she needed to explain the product and her process over and over again but her enthusiasm never waned.

I already loved the design from the pictures that I had seen but it was truly much more beautiful in person. The kintsugi inspired white with gold veins particularly caught my eye. Previously the green and white “matcha latte” version had won me over. Regular readers will know I have a penchant for tiny tea things. The itty bitty tea scoop and strainer (to sift your matcha) are just too cute. It’s also super convenient to easily take those tools with me everywhere I go.

In between sips, I also enjoyed a spread of delicious matcha goodies that were laid out for us. They had everything from matcha flavored Pocky, to Royce Nama Chocolate, and matcha cream puffs from Bibble & Sip. I had only had a light breakfast so this led to a bit of matcha overload but all of that deliciousness was well worth it.

Pre-A-Matcha’s tea partner Matchaeologist was also there to partake in the festivities. I have not yet tried their matcha myself but it’s popped up frequently in my Instagram feed for some time. Their beautiful glass chawan is also something I have had my eye on.

Pre-order your Pret-A-Matcha through their Kickstarter!

Matcha Latte w/ Almond Milk
Matchaeologist’s offerings

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