Podcasts for Tea Lovers

When I first got into tea, there were several really cool podcasts that helped me learn and grow as a tea drinker. Sadly some of them are no longer operational but there are still several gems that are worth checking out.

Seven Cups is a retailer in Arizona who has been producing videos for quite some time. Although their iTunes podcast is no longer updated, they still post to YouTube Regularly. Delve into the archives a bit and check out some really great videos. I especially love the videos of their tea tours.

+Ricardo Caicedo of the My Japanese Green Tea blog has launched a podcast. His guests have been varied and very interesting. I’ve been very impressed because the podcasts are English but Ricardo is not a native speaker. He has done very well so far and I’m excited to see what else he comes out with.

Ricardo had me on one of his episodes! You can listen to it here.

Talking Tea with +Ken Cohen has been one of my favorite audio podcasts. I love the variety of people that he has interviewed. I particularly enjoyed the episode where he spoke with Morgan Beard of Urasenke Philadelphia. I had the good fortune to meet Ken while I was working at a tea house last year. His passion for tea is infectious.

Steeping Around is a great podcast run by Manish of the Maya Tea Company. The banter between the host and the Sarah, the producer, is always entertaining. It’s probably the most professionally run podcast on tea. I really enjoyed their episode on pairing cigars with tea.

I met my Canadian tea friend TJ at World Tea Expo last year while were both bunking with team Tealet. He is the host of World Tea Podcast as well as one of the guys behind The Tea Kings. I’ve really enjoyed the recent episodes where he focuses on the specific tastes found in tea.

TJ had me on Episode 7 of his podcast. You can listen to it here.

I recently discovered an awesome nerdy podcast called Tealife Audio. They focus specifically on the Japanese tea ceremony and related arts. The hosts are all very knowledgeable and I really enjoy the informal banter style. I’m looking forward to listening and learning more. The Japanese tea ceremony is something I hope to study a bit more seriously in the future.

Hot Leaf Juice is a fantastic podcast that I often listen to on my commute to work. Barry has interviewed a number of my tea friends which makes it all the more interesting. Episodes are lengthy but worth the listen because the questions he asks really get in depth. I always learn something new!