The Persimmon Tree Chocolate Banana

Country of Origin: South Africa
Leaf Appearance: mostly brown, lots of visible fruit pieces
Ingredients: organic fair trade rooibos, organic cacao nibs, organic apple bits, organic banana chips, pink peppercorn
Steep time: 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 200 degrees
Preparation Method: Breville One-Touch Tea Maker
Liquor: deep reddish brown

This herbal blend was incredibly decadent, a perfect dessert tea. It was creamy and sweet with chocolate being the dominate flavor. The apple actually stood out a bit more than the banana but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve had a lot of banana themed blends that wound up way too sticky sweet whereas this one was right where it needed to be. The finish was clean and refreshing with no astringency. I’m not sure what influence if any the pink peppercorns had on the flavor profile but they were a cheery visual addition. I wouldn’t add milk to this tea but sweetener could help accentuate the flavoring. Overall it was a very well balanced tea and definitely worth giving a try.

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