Pairing Marshmallows with Tea

I often work at the Kusmi Tea location in the food hall at The Plaza. It’s a fun place with lots of good eats but I rarely get to indulge. I pass Three Tarts on my way to the restroom and their jars of fluffy marshmallows always catch my eye. After finally given in, I munched on a few at work and took the rest home with me. I couldn’t help but think about how well these sweets would go with tea. I enjoyed eating them all on their own rather than putting them in the tea. These are some pairings that I came up with:

Cinnamon Marshmallow and Chai

One of the easiest ways to arrange pairings is to put like with like, I paired the cinnamon marshmallow with my favorite chai, Yogic Chai Original Masala Chai. The spice in both components mirrors and compliments each other. While I really liked the marshmallow on its own, I could see it going really well inside of a nice big mug of chai latte.

Chocolate Rosemary Marshmallow with Black Tea

Chocolate and rosemary seemed like an odd combination but they worked together really well. I wanted to pair it with a tea that had notes of cacao so I went with Joseph Wesley Black Tea Classic Chinese Black Tea No.3. This is definitely one to take your time with. The chocolate hits first with sweetness and the rosemary follows up with a refreshing savory note.

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