Our Home Tea Chun Mee

Country of Origin: China
Leaf Appearance: small, dark green and slightly curled
Ingredients: green tea
Steep time: 30 seconds
Water Temperature: 190 degrees
Preparation Method: ceramic gaiwan
Liquor: greenish gold

Chun Mee, also known as “precious eyebrow”, is a hand rolled green tea. The taste was smooth and buttery with mild fruity notes. The aftertaste was somewhat smokey and there was very little astringency. I prepared it in a gaiwan and was able to get several infusions out of a very small sample of leaves. That being said, this wasn’t the best quality Chun Mee I’ve had. There were a lot of broken leaves and it wasn’t quite as robust as I would have expected. That being said, for this price it was decent. I would recommend it for someone looking for a daily drinker or something to make iced tea with.