Naivetea Yuzu Oolong

This high altitude Alishan oolong is infused with pomelo peels. Pomelo is a fruit that matures only once a year during the time of the Chinese moon festival. I was immediately struck by the intense aroma of this tea as soon as I opened my sample packet. The dry leaves were tightly rolled and dark green in color. I steeped this tea using my Breville One-Touch Tea Maker with 195 degree water for 3 minutes.

I’ve never tried pomelo before but the flavor reminded me of grapefruit. It was very citrusy. In fact this tea was all zest and very little oolong. It had all the crispness and pep of a morning glass of juice. My second infusion did not reduce the strength of the flavoring at all. I would have liked to see the oolong peek through a little and I’m not a huge fan of fruit teas so this wasn’t my favorite. I would probably recommend this tea if you do like fruity teas though.

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