Naivetea Rose Violet Calendula Oolong

This tea consisted of high altitude Alishan oolong with natural rose, violet, calendula, and jasmine. The leaves were tightly rolled and dark green in color. I steeped this tea using my Breville One-Touch Tea Maker with 195 degree water for 3 minutes. The liquor was a light gold color and had an amazing aroma. I wish someone would make it into a perfume! Once steeped, the leaves made quite a nice presentation because of the different colored flower petals.

I was expecting a very overpowering taste from this tea but it was actually pleasantly subtle. The oolong even managed to come through amidst such a bouquet. I never would have thought to put these flavors together but it works really well. Floral overkill often leads to bitterness but Naivetea has not yet let me down and this selection was no exception. The second steeping was just as delicious. I only wish I had some left to try it iced. I would definitely recommend this tea.