Naivetea Imperial Beauty Oolong

According to Naivetea this tea is produced in Taiwan by a very small high altitude artisan tea farm that follows traditional and organic farming practices. The dry leaves were tightly rolled and had a strong floral aroma. I brewed this tea in a porcelain gaiwan with 212 degree water using 40 second steepings. The liquor was a golden straw color with an aroma that was similar to the dry leaves but not quite as intense.

This tea was fruity, floral and sweet all at once but in a very subtle way. All of the flavors rotated in and out through each of my infusions. This is a tea that you really have to pay close attention to while you are drinking it. Otherwise I think that the complexity of it might pass you by. There was a honey-like sweetness that lingered after ever sip. I did four infusions but it could have kept going for several more. I would definitely recommend this tea.

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