My Tea Pet Addiction Continues

I always liked the idea of tea pets and lately I find I’m even more enamored with them than ever. Ribbit has been my faithful companion for many years and then along came Zhu. Two new friends have graced my tea table lately. Their names are still undecided. I’ve got to get to know them a bit more.

I fell in love with a collection of tiny monkey tea pets at +T Shop. At the time, I told myself, “If he’s still here the next time I visit, then I’ll buy him.”. It’s a little game I play to keep myself from doing too much impulse shopping. Two weeks later I had some time to kill between meetings so I stopped in to have some tea. He was still there waiting so how could I not take him home?

While placing an order with +Yunnan Sourcing, I couldn’t help but take a peek at their assortment of tea pets. Since he was only $3.50, I used the shipping charges to justify adding him on. He is ordinarily a brassy color but turns bright gold when hot water is poured on him.

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