Moleskine Passions Tea Journal

After years of begging and pleading with countless emails and tweets, Moleskine finally created a Passions journal for tea lovers. The journal itself is stylish and well appointed in typical Moleskine fashion. The sleek black hardcover is embossed with tea kettles, teacups and other tea related things. There are tabbed sections to record tasting notes, recipes, places and websites as well as for tracking your collection. I could do without the recipes section but there are plenty of tea lovers who will use and enjoy that part.

The introduction gives a very decent basic education on tea and I have found the vocabulary list very helpful. Who knew that tea could be biscuity? The tasting pages remind me very much of wine tasting worksheets and they are perfect for those who like to get seriously nerdy. The one thing that I would change is to have the section further divided by tea type. The three cloth bookmarking ribbons makes it easy to pick up from where I left off. I’m only using it to record unflavored, very high quality teas since those are the ones that I want to remember the most. This journal is a perfect gift to earn brownie points with your favorite tea lover.

You can find out more about this tea journal here.

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