“Me” Tea

I love doing tea reviews but sometimes it can become like a job. I’ve been posting every other day religiously for a quite a while now. Unfortunately that often doesn’t leave a lot of time for me to just enjoy tea. Every once in a while I have to take a step back and make time for what I call “me” tea. No reviews and no tasting, just my favorite tea brewed in favorite yixing pot. In this case it was the Huang Zhi Xiang Dan Cong Oolong from Seven Cups. I can’t exactly explain why but this has been my absolute favorite out of all of the teas that I have had over the years. I think part of that bias is that it was the tea I used to season my first yixing. After a long day at work this tea session was exactly what the doctor ordered and something that I should indulge in more often. What’s your “me” tea?