Matcha Hot Chocolate from Oh, How Civilized

Photo: Jee Choe
Oh, How Civilized

When Jee of the fabulous blog Oh, How Civilized posted a recipe for matcha hot chocolate, I could not resist whipping myself up a batch. I have a big weak spot for both matcha and white chocolate so the ingredients suited me perfectly. The store I went to was out of the recommended Lindt brand so I had to settle for Godiva vanilla bean white chocolate. The white chocolate melted easily into the milk and some vigorous whisking dissolved the last of the matcha.

What a decadent treat! It was thinner than I though it might be but it was still rich in flavor and texture. Even without marshmallows, it was very sweet but still had that fresh matcha taste to it. I learned my lesson though, I won’t use vanilla bean chocolate next time. My cup was left with a ton of bean particles leaving the last few sips rather gritty. Otherwise, this was a fantastic recipe and one that I will definitely be revisiting.

You can find out more about this recipe here.