The Learning Tea

I recently learned about a really great tea related charity and just had to share.

The Learning Tea is a humanitarian project started by Katrell Christie to help impoverished children of Darjeeling India. Raising funds through her photography and the sales of Darjeeling green and black tea, this project will put three orphaned girls through college per year. It will also repair an elementary school in Darjeeling and buy uniforms, supplies, books and food for its students.

What could better than tea that supports such a great cause? 100% of the proceeds go directly to helping the children of Darjeeling. As a Girl Scout leader, charities that help girls are particularly near and dear to my heart. Here are some eye opening facts from The Learning Tea’s website:

– One quarter of all Indian girls do not live past the age of 15 and one third of these deaths occur before a girl reaches her first birthday
– Nearly 2 in every 3 women in India are illiterate
– Only 82 girls for every 100 boys are enrolled in school. 35 million girls do not attend school in India
– Girls aged between 1 and 5 years old are 50% more likely to die than boys