Le Palais des Thés Big Ben G.F.O.P. (Gourmet Tea Bag)

Country of Origin: China and India
Leaf Appearance: small and dark
Ingredients: Yunnan and Assam black tea
Steep time: 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 205 degrees
Preparation Method: ceramic teacup
Liquor: reddish brown

This tea is billed as an English breakfast but it wasn’t quite as forceful of a tea as you might expect. It was mellow and somewhat sweet with a subtle spiciness. It had a slight astringency but only so much so as to make the finish clean and refreshing. It was invigorating but being made of a higher leaf grade (Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe), it lacked the bitterness that you would find with a typical breakfast style tea. I rather prefer my teas that way because I’m very sensitive to tannins. This was a lovely tea and I enjoyed it very much all on its own. I wouldn’t recommend adding milk or sugar but I suppose you could if you really wanted to. Don’t limit yourself to only enjoying this in the morning. I steeped this after a long day at work and it was a welcome pick me up. I recently read an article on plastic tea bags that made me appreciate these woven muslin tea bags even more. They are beautiful to look at and I feel safer putting it in my cup.

You can find out more about this tea here.

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