Infused by Henrietta Lovell

Infused by Henrietta Lovell – Book Review

I was so excited to hear that Henrietta Lovell, founder of Rare Tea Company, had written a book. Her published kindly sent me an advanced copy and it was my constant companion on my morning commute. Infused was definitely one of my favorite recent reads.

What it’s about?

I was drawn to this book because it is more of a memoir than a straight-up factual book about tea. A book that repeats things I already know doesn’t necessarily provide a lot of value at this point in my tea journey. I want the juicy stuff that I’m not going to find anywhere else and Henrietta definitely delivers.

Each chapter takes us to a new place around the globe and gives a bit about her adventures there. Along the way, we discover how she came to tea and what it was like starting her company from the ground up. Her writing style is intimately conversational, like a close friend telling you a funny story. There were parts that made me laugh out loud and one or two passages that left me trying not to cry on the train.

Infused was my constant companion on my morning commute

This is one of my favorite quotes from the book:

Firstly: be careful of drinking good tea; you might get hooked and be unable to stop. If the tea is really good, you might indulge deeply, drinking and drinking until your heart feels close to exploding with pleasure and caffeine. Even those habituated to hard drugs and amazing tastes get swept away.

Henrietta Lovell – Infused

Would I recommend it?

Infused by Henrietta Lovell was a unique and engaging book that even a non-tea person would enjoy. Her passion for tea is contagious. I would definitely recommend checking it out!

The book comes out tomorrow but it is available for preorder now.

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Advanced copy provided for review by the publisher, Faber & Faber. Opinions are my own.

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