Homemade Chai Lattes

It’s been getting progressively chillier which means that I am craving chai more and more often. My boyfriend isn’t a tea drinker but he recently discovered that he enjoys chai as well (jumps for joy!). I decided to try making us some chai lattes. The first step was to simmer the tea in two cups of water and two cups of milk. It’s important not to scald the milk or it will keep getting a rather gross film on top. I didn’t want to make them too strong so I let it steep for about 15 minutes. Straining the tea into the teacups was a little tricky but I had a small sieve with a handle that helped a great deal.

I don’t own a steamer or espresso machine so to add a little foam I tested out a technique I saw at David’s Tea. I poured milk into a chawan (tea bowl) and whisked it as though I were making matcha. It wasn’t quite the real thing but it was foamy and helped to cool the tea off to the perfect drinking temperature. Just a teaspoon of sugar and some cinnamon on top finished it off nicely. You won’t often see me sweeten my tea but with chai it can help the flavors pop. I was really happy with the way these turned out. Chai and its warming spices are like comfort food for me in the winter and a big mug of it hit the spot. Do you make tea lattes at home? I’d love to hear about your technique!