Handmade Tea Yerbaberry Mint

Leaf Appearance: woodsy potpourri
Ingredients: roasted yerba maté, organic chocolate mint and elderberries
Steep time: 5 minutes
Water Temperature: 180 degrees
Preparation Method: Breville One-Touch Tea Maker
Liquor: dark brown

This month’s shipment from Handmade Tea was exciting because it contained two ingredients I had never tried before, chocolate mint and elderberries. I love that tiny tins of each ingredient are included so that I can taste them separately. I’m not a huge fan of yerba maté because it can be bitter at times but the roasting took the edge off, leaving a pleasant nuttiness without the bite that I was expecting. The elderberries had a subtly fruity raisin-like taste. The chocolate mint was of course minty but it had an earthy sweetness that definitely brought chocolate to mind. I’m surprised that it is not used in tea more often because it had a really ice flavor.

Once I had tasted each of the individual ingredients, it was time to give the blend a try. It had a strong, earthy aroma that followed through in the taste. The tasting notes that were included mentioned a tobacco aftertaste but it reminded me very much of liquorice. I’ve never actually taste tobacco so that may be the reason that I don’t see the connection. The mint came through in the finish and added a refreshing cooling feeling. Along with the tasting notes, information was included about the family-run farm in Bedford, PA called Goodness Grows where the chocolate mint was sourced. I love knowing that my purchase helped support a local company. This blend was another great one and I can’t recommend Handmade Tea’s subscription service enough. Their teas never fail to surprise and delight. 

You can subscribe to Handmade Tea here.

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