Hampstead Tea Organic Fair Trade Oolong

According to Hampstead Tea this tea was grown at Makaibari, the first biodynamic tea estate in the world. Biodynamic farming includes techniques such as herbal soil preparations, rigorous composting systems, and alignment with a planetary calendar.The dry leaves had a nutty and woodsy aroma. They were dark with a long, twisted appearance. I made this tea in my Breville One-Touch Tea Maker with 212 degree water for three minutes. The liquor was pale amber in color.

This tea was mellow yet complex. It was at once nutty and fruity with just a touch of honey-like sweetness. There was a very nice peach finish with a slight dryness at the end of each sip. I have not tried many oolongs from India but this one made me want to try more of them. I would definitely recommend this tea. Although it is listed as organic on the packaging, there is no mention of  a certifying organization.

Their website had this great YouTube video that highlights the estate where this tea is grown.

Taken from the award-winning film, The Lord of Darjeeling, by Xavier de Lauzanne.

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