Hamilton Beach Two Quart Electric Iced Tea Maker

Photo: Hamilton Beach

I grew up drinking instant supermarket brand iced tea. Once I graduated to loose leaf teas I need something more. Making tea by the cup was not practical because I tend to drink the stuff by the gallon. When I saw this iced tea maker on sale at the drug store, I thought I would give it a try. The assembly instructions were a little difficult to understand but once I got past that hurtle it was very easy to use. The directions say to fill part of the pitcher with ice but my father did not appreciate my empting every ice cube tray in the house just for a pitcher of iced tea.

Luckily, the tea is fine without the added ice. I just have to let it cool off in the refrigerator a bit longer than usual. The two quart size is perfect for me since I am usually the only one who drinks it. I’ve made several different kinds of tea, including herbals like rooibos, but black always seems to come out the best. I usually use about five teaspoons of dry whole leaves. I love to add a bit of mint to make it even more refreshing. Overall, I’ve been very satisfied with it and I would definitely recommend this tea maker.

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