Green Tea Lovers Silverback White Tea

I was really interested to try this tea because I had never had anything but black and herbal teas from Africa and I have never had any tea from Kenya. According to Green Tea Lovers it is grown in an estate that is pesticide and herbicide free. This is always important to me when choosing what teas I drink. The leaves were a grayish green in color and covered in downy hairs. I steeped this tea in a porcelain gaiwan using 180 degree water for three minutes. The liquor was a light gold color and had a sweet aroma. The taste of this tea was just sort of plainly vegetal, reminiscent of brussel sprouts. On their website this tea is described tea as having oolong-like flavor notes but I found it to be rather one dimensional. Normally silver needles have all of these tiny layers of flavors that I love discovering but there was none of that here. The flavor was definitely different from Chinese and Indian silver needles so it was fun to experiment with but I probably wouldn’t recommend this tea.

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