Gorreana Tea Hysson Green Tea (Chá Verde)

Country of Origin: Portugal
Leaf Appearance: small and variegated, light green
Ingredients: green tea
Steep time: 4 minutes
Water Temperature: 175 degrees
Preparation Method: Breville One-Touch Tea Maker
Liquor: bright yellowish gold

This tea is special because it was grown on the only tea plantation left in Europe. Located off the coast of Portugal on the island of Sao Miguel, this estate is known for its organic teas. From what I’ve heard, there are very few insects their so pesticides are not necessary to keep the tea plants healthy. The first thing that struck me about this tea was how incredibly bright yellow the liquor was. The taste was vegetal with notes of chestnut and lemon. There was a sweet finish to each sip that brought to mind crisp fruit like apples or pears. Overall, it was a very light and refreshing cup that indulged my penchant for drinking tea from unique countries of origin. I definitely suggest giving it a try.

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