Global Tea Hut: May 2015 – Rainforest

May’s Global Tea Hut envelope brought a De Hong wild purple raw puerh from spring of 2011. Rainforest strikes me as a perfect name for a tea from Yunnan. I was recently watching an episode of Wild China and was blown away by the biodiversity of the jungles there. Those beautiful images were in mind as I brewed countless infusions in my yixing. I was surprised at how sweet and mellow the the tea was. It still had that wonderfully giddy heady feeling that I love from a good puerh. The gift was a beautiful color photo of the new shrine to Kuanyin at Tea Sage Hut. It’s still a dream of mine to stay with them in Miaoli, Taiwan one day.

This edition of Tea & Tao Magazine focused on teachers and tradition. I really enjoyed the articles on Lin Pin Xiang, Wu De’s teacher. An article called “Who is a tea expert?” by Wu De also really spoke to me. There are so many people calling themselves experts this day. There are times that it makes me question everything about the world of tea that I love so much.

The fact is that there are no Tea experts. Stay in a state of intelligence. Don’t ever lose the passion for exploration and growth. Don’t ever stop learning.

He goes on to relate this to a Japanese concept called kaizen, meaning that we remain students. I cannot think of a single thing more important for tea drinkers. No matter how far along our journey we are, we all must continue to learn. I couldn’t help but think of James Norwood Pratt’s acceptance speech at the World Tea Awards this year. As well respected as he is, he still refers to himself as a student of the leaf.

You can find out more about Global Tea Hut here.

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