Friday Roundup: September 9th – September 15th


I really love digging into tea history and lately I’ve been on a journey of rediscovering Japanese teas. Ricardo at My Japanese Green Tea wrote a perfectly timed post this week about Baiso, the monk credited with popularizing sencha in the late 1700’s. It is interesting to wonder if Japan would have continued to consume mostly powdered tea without his influence.

Koicha Matcha Affogato

Speaking of matcha, Lu Ann from The Cup of Life posted about one of my favorite sweet treats. Her instructions for making a matcha affogato are spot on. Plain vanilla ice cream is definitely my go to for this purpose but it might be fun to experiment with different flavors. Green tea ice cream matcha inception? That might be too much!

Dobra Tea | Pittsburgh, PA

Gabie at Tea End Blog wrote a great review of her recent visit to Dobra Tea. in Pittsburgh. I’ve heard so many good things about this small chain of tea shops ever since I first got into tea but I have yet to be able to visit one. My fiance is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan so that may be the perfect excuse to get myself there.

Teaware Review: Tea Glass

Sara at Tea Happiness reviewed a nifty little device that looks like all glass twist on a traditional bombilla for yerba mate. I love the sleek and simple design of it. It would definitely be better for drinking “grandpa style” since there isn’t a way to remove the leaves and as she noted in the blog post, larger leafed teas would fare better than smaller ones.

My Day In Tea + Songyi Tea Shanlinshi Oolong Review

I always find it interesting to find what teas other people drink throughout the day. Georgia at Notes on Tea shared a snap shot of what she typically drinks in a day and even squeezed in a short review. I’ve been wanting to write a post like this as well but the lead up to the wedding has me so busy I can barely squeeze in a bowl of matcha most days.

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