Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: September 24th – September 30th

Chai Tea Pumpkin Macarons

Fall has arrived (even though it’s still quite warm here in New Jersey) and that means pumpkin flavored everything! Sara at Beginning at Bergamot wrote a great recipe and tutorial for making your own tea-infused sweets.

Podcast 034: Oscar Brekell

Ricardo of My Japanese Green Tea posted the latest episode of his extremely focused podcast. His guest, Oscar Brekell, is a Japanese tea expert who has just released his first book. It was fascinating to hear how he got his start and what made him so famous in Japan.

Material Matcha Uji MMU03 Blend & Kickstarter

Char over at Oolong Owl has probably tasted more matcha than any human outside of Japan. For that reason, I always pay attention when she reviews one. I have some of this tea in my “to review” pile so I was very happy to read that she enjoyed it so much.

Anatomy of the Ideal Loose Leaf Tea Storage

Wondering if you store your tea properly? Check out this week’s post from Anna at The Tea Squirrel! I can definitely sympathize with the organization struggles that she describes. I haven’t found the perfect solution for my own collection yet either.

Jasmine tea’s many secrets

I rarely write about anything but pure teas here on the blog but I do occasionally indulge in a traditionally scented tea like jasmine. Stéphane at Tea Master’s Blog wrote a very interesting post this week detailing the history of jasmine tea in Taiwan and how it is made. I’ve never seen pictures of the scenting processing before.

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