Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: September 2nd – September 8th

Drinking Tea for Detox and Health Benefits | The Tea Fix Podcast S1 E06

Geoff and Leona from The Tea Fix tackled a bit of a touchy subject in the tea world. Health benefits are not part of my personal tea experience or journey but I thought they both handled it very well. I really liked that Geoff shared his personal experiences and misadventures in reference to this topic but it could definitely help others avoid those same pitfalls.

Jade Sword green tea – Teadaw

I believe I’ve just followed my first Croatian tea blog. Although they’ve been around since 2012, I’ve only recently discovered Tea Chronicles. I enjoy their conversational tone, depth of knowledge, and beautiful photography. This week they reviewed one of my favorite Chinese green teas from Sichuan Province.

Poached eggs with matcha salt

Anna at The Tea Squirrel bakes her own beautiful loaves of sourdough and this week she combined it with poached eggs and a delicious looking DIY matcha salt. Surprisingly, this is not something I’ve tried before even though it is so easy to make. That should definitely change now that I have a breadmaker machine.

HeHua Shan and Lishan High Mountain Oolong from Floating Leaves Tea

Char over at Oolong Owl reviewed two high mountain oolongs from Seattle based Floating Leaves Tea. I have yet to try any of their teas but the company’s reputation as a Taiwanese tea expert is well known. HeHua Shan is also a place that I have not tried any tea from yet but the name of “happy mountain” is enough to make me want to seek it out.

Yunomi’s Fukamushicha From Narama

Michelle from One More Steep wrote about her experience with a deep steamed sencha from one of my favorite Japanese vendors, Yunomi. I love how connected they are to the tea producers. Her pictures and descriptions of this tea make me want to break out my kyusu and brew up some umami-filled deliciousness of my own.

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