Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: September 16th – September 22nd

Eco-Cha: July 2018 #32 – Eco-Farmed Jin Xuan GABA Tea, A Tea Review

I was so happy to read the intro to this post on My Thoughts are Like Butterflies. Her readers contributed enough funds for her to be able to buy a new wheelchair. Congrats, Lili! The GABA oolong that she reviewed sounds like a must try too. Eco-Cha one of my main go-to’s for Taiwanese teas.

Significance of Resting Young Puer feat Bitterleaf Teas Bitter End Lite

Char at Oolong Owl shared a thought-provoking post this week on the now common practice of resting puerh before drinking it. I’ve been drinking tea seriously for a little over a decade and this is something we never did back in my day. Yes, this sentence made me feel like a bit of a tea grandma. I love that she used a Lao Man E tea for this experiment. BAM BITTER.

DIY: Tea Boat

Tea Stacks shared a nifty DIY tea boat. Bowls with a bridge like this are something I’ve wanted for a long time but I never thought about trying to make one myself. There are always problems with trying to make something yourself for this first time but I think this is a great start. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for a thrift store find that I can use to make my own attempt.

A Cambridge Lace Tea Mug

Angela at Tea with Friends always has the best shopping finds. Sometimes I think tea stuff at T.J. Maxx goes into hiding until she walks in the door. This week she found a neat mug with little glass windows, making it look like a lace pattern. I am a bit obsessed with teaware like this. There’s a mug, bowl, cups, teapot, and two gaiwans in my collection at the moment.

Learning Matcha: Three-Way Ippodo Tea Matcha Tasting

Mike from The Tea Letter recently traveled to Japan and was able to visit Ippodo. Although I get to visit their NYC location, there’s nothing like going to see them in Japan. It is crazy to think that the brand is older than the United States of America! He did a comparison tasting of three different kinds of matcha that I found very interesting.

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