Friday Roundup: November 19th – November 26th

Darjeeling Tea Gardens Begin Recovery from 104 Days of Strikes

Bruce Richardson, noted author and owner of Elmood Inn Fine Teas, brings us some good news from the Darjeeling region of India. Hopefully, 2018 will be a more peaceful year full of plenty of good tea.

What “I” Tea in a Day

Lu Ann from The Cup of Life answers a question that I’m often asked, “How much tea do you drink in a day?”. My own consumption can vary quite a bit especially now that I’m not working at a tea store full time.

Twelve Year Roasted Oolong & Pretzel Shortbread

Alexis from Teaspoons & Petals has an impeccable palate for tea pairings. This week she paired a delicious ’05 oolong from one of my favorite NYC haunts with delicious shortbread pretzels made by a local Philly bakery.

Kyūsu Workshop at macha-macha

I’ve very much enjoyed following Meigetsu Tea & Translations, a blog written by a Japanese to English translator living in Berlin. This week Lindsey shares her experience at a kyusu workshop held by the Japanese Tea Instructor Association.

IS DOLLAR STORE TEA GROSS? Haul & Taste Test w/Jacob Kahn

Teatime with Mary has quickly become one of my favorite YouTube channels. Mary is a braver tea drinker than I. This week she tasted a selection of teas from the dollar store. The results were less than stellar but fun to watch.

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