Friday Roundup: March 4th – March 10th

Taiwan’s Winter Oolong

Linda, aka The Tea Stylist, posted a great Q&A with David from Tillerman Tea. We usually think of tea harvests as a spring event but winter oolongs are worth giving a try too. The accompanying pictures make me want to drink some right now!

2018 TRIP & TEA 101: Comparing Shaded Japanese Green Teas (ft. Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms)

Connie at Tea in Spoons explores the world of shaded Japanese green teas in her post this week. She’s getting a first hand of education at Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms. From gyokuro to kabuse sencha, these are some of my favorite green teas,

How to Clean and Care for Porcelain Teaware

Lu Ann from The Cup of Life offers some great tips for taking care of your porcelain teaware. Her cleaning secrets, as well as best practices for handling delicate pieces, are sure to set you up for success. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are my go-to for keeping my teaware sparkling.

Oolong: More Than Mid-Oxidized

Eric at Tea Geek walks us through exactly what makes an oolong an oolong. There’s more to it than being mid-oxidized and he does a great job of breaking things down. Tea processing is often oversimplified but the chemical and physiological aspects are fascinating. I love that he cites his sources too!

Sup at Yunnan Sourcing

The latest post on Cwyn’s Death By Tea drew an interesting connection between Yunnan Sourcing and Burger King. Their new logo certainly makes me thirsty and now I know why. Her proposal of a puerh drive through is pure genius. Who doesn’t want their tea fast and hot? Cwyn’s illustrations never fail to give me a good giggle.

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