Friday Roundup: March 25th – March 31st

Into the Cloud Forest: Finding a New Specialty Tea Origin in Columbia

Jordan at World of Tea traveled to Columbia to visit the tropical crowd forest where Bitaco produces from pretty exciting teas. Make sure that you check out the expanded articles for even more in-depth in coverage of his trip. I love their commitment to environmental responsibility and social responsibility.

Green Tea Tasting: Comparing Teabags from Mass Market Brands

Daniela at Tea Cachai wrote about an interesting comparison on her blog this week. She pitted three common grocery store teabags against the loose leaf heavy weight of Adagio Tea’s Sleeping Dragon. I think we all knew the loose leaf tea would win out but it’s still interesting to see the differences presented in such a clear way.

The Future of Tea: Takeaways from The Experts

Rie at TeaCurious shared her takeaways from the UC Davis Global Tea Initiative. This year’s focus was on sustainability and preservation. These topics tend to be a bit doom and gloom but they are important ones to consider for the future of tea. Rie kept things balanced though, including some of the more hopeful things like solar panel shaded matcha and California grown tea.

Matcha (Green Tea) Soda

I’ve tried a few matcha sodas over the years but I have always found them overly sweet and lacking in actually matcha flavor. Jee over at Oh, How Civilized posted a must-try recipe that should definitely solve that problem. I’ve converted a few of my friends to matcha and I could definitely see them enjoying this at gatherings once the weather warms up.

What-Cha Tea Wednesday, An Adventure in Black Tea

I’m so glad that Amanda at My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies is back to blogging regularly. This week she tasted three different black teas from her stash. I love that they’re from very different regions (Korea, Nepal, and China), highlighting the processing techniques that make each of them unique.

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