Friday Roundup: March 11th – March 17th

DavidsTea’s Sun Moon Black

Michelle at One More Steep reviewed a tea this week that I have been eager to try. It’s encouraging to see a larger company like DavidsTea toeing the waters of higher quality, single origin teas. I’ll definitely have to try to grab some the next time I am in NYC.

Why do high end teas have less flavor?

The ever knowledgeable Imen of Tea Habitat answered a common question on her blog that I’ve never really been sure how to answer myself. I loved the analogy of polyphenols and amino acids playing on a teeter-totter.

China ~ Anhui Huoshan Huangya Yellow Tea | What-Cha

I’ve been finding a lot of new tea blogs through Instagram lately and it makes me very happy. The more the merrier! Go check out what Conor at The Steeped Leaf has to say about his first experience with yellow tea.

Blind Tasting of 2017 Yunnan Sourcing Puer

Char at Oolong Owl posted her tasting notes from a puerh blind tasting. You might remember seeing other blogger’s posts about this particular tasting being included in past roundups. I’ve really enjoyed comparing all of their findings. I drink quite a bit of puerh but I’m not sure that I could blind taste all of these and come to any clear conclusions.

Little O by White2Tea

Speaking of puerh, Cody at The Oolong Drunk posted his review of a puerh that is on my wishlist. White2Tea’s creative packaging gets me every time. I’m really intrigued by the inclusion of orange peels and the small coin shapes would make them perfect for brewing while traveling.

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