Friday Roundup: June 10th – June 16th

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Photography #2

I love finding new to blogs! You will be just as surprised as I was to find out that the author of Tea Blogging with Shinzo Shiratori is only 14 years old. His passion for tea and depth of knowledge is really impressive. I have always been a tea lover but I definitely would not have been capable of writing so well about such a complicated topic at that age.


It always makes me smile when I see a post pop up in my feed from someone who hasn’t written in a while. That happened this week when I saw a new review from Gabriella of Teascopia. I love the visual style of her blog posts. The short but sweet tasting notes always make me want to try whatever she is drinking.

My Tea Story

We all have a tea story and this week Megan from Tasting Teas shared hers, in both written and video forms. Tea is such a big part of my life and it always makes me happy to find a kindred soul who loves it as much as I do. The man in the pub was right, she should pursue her passion for tea to the fullest!

Music and tea

Tea lovers who have been reading blogs for as long as I have will likely have fond memories of reading Margie Yap’s blog, Sweet Persimmon. Luck for us, you can still find her writing at Issoan Tea Room. She recently shared a wonderful discussion on the practice of chado and how it relates to music.

Cold Brewing with Zens Lifestyle

Stephanie over at Tea Journal wrote about how she has been cold brewing with a nifty little glass and bamboo set from Zens Lifestyle. It’s like a miniature version of my giant cold drip brewing tower! I saw more than a few friends share pieces from this company at World Tea Expo over the weekend.

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