Friday Roundup: January 7th – January 13th

5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Drink Tea in Small Cups

Ricardo at My Japanese Green Tea wrote a post this week that is close to my own heart. He lays out some excellent reasons for downsizing your drinking vessel. I’ve long been a proponent of small teacups. How about you?

Can We Grow Tea in America?

Bruce Richardson, The Tea Maestro, shared an interesting excerpt from his book A Social History of Tea. Tea growing has a surprisingly long but not quite successful history in the U.S. I’m actually about halfway through reading this book and I’ll be sure to review it here on the blog once I’m done.

Afternoon Tea – Japanese Style (Manhattan – NYC)

Tiffany at #sheblogstea visited Cha-An, an NYC restaurant that I have been meaning to return to. Their tea and food are always delicious but in truth one of my favorite things is the fancy Japanese toilet in the women’s room!

Whisky Barrel Wood Smoked Black Tea – Kaneroku Matsumoto Tea Garden

Kayleigh Jade over at Kitty Loves Tea reviewed one of the most memorable Japanese teas that I have ever tried. The leaves are smoked with whisky barrel wood. Be still my Irish heart! Her vivid descriptions make me want to make a pot right now. If you haven’t tried this offering from Yunomi yet, you definitely need to.

Matcha Jasmine Rice

Nazanin at Tea Thoughts concocted yet another delicious recipe. This one has all of my favorite things. Garlic, jasmine, and matcha are not flavors I ever thought of combining but I will definitely be giving this one a try. My fiance definitely won’t eat this but that just means that there will be more for me. 😉

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