Friday Roundup: February 25th – March 3rd


Kimberly at Tea is a Wish Your Heart Makes has been taking a deep dive into the world of puerh this year and I’ve enjoyed reading about her journey. This week she wrote about a sheng from Crimson Lotus. I have to echo her sentiments about their awesome packaging.

6 Great Places to Drink Tea in Portland, Oregon

Mel at Mel Had Tea gives a list of some of the must-visit tea places you can find in Portland, OR. I’ve known about most of these spots thanks to several tea friends who live in the area but there’s a couple that I had not heard of before.

A Confession: How Not to Grow a Tea Plant

I can definitely relate to Megan’s post at Biodiversitea about failures in tea plant husbandry. They can be very hard to take care of, especially indoors. It was an evil squirrel who killed off all of the plants in my case.

7 Reasons to Make Loose Leaf Tea for Others

My current day job doesn’t involve tea at all and one of the things that I genuinely miss is serving tea to others. Mike at The Tea Letter put together an awesome list of all of the reasons why we making tea for others is great. My favorite would have to be having an excuse to buy more tea!

A Tea Adventure in Southern California

Anna at The Tea Squirrel visited Tea Habitat, a vendor whose reputation for high-quality Dan Congs has been well established among the online tea community. A two hour tea tasting with Imen sounds like heaven to me. Reservations are required but it sounds like this is an experience that is not to be missed.

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