Friday Roundup: February 18th – February 24th

Cinn City Rou Gui Wuyi – Heirloom Tea Company

Jordan at Tea-Tography wrote a review of one of my all-time favorite types of yancha. Cinn City could not be a more apt name for a tea whose name literally means “cassia”. Her photography is incredible as always.

Tea and Junk Food Pairings

Tea pairings are always fun. We often see cheese and other gourmet foods brought into the mix but what about Snickers Amanda at My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies posted a list of incredible, yet unexpected flavor duos.

2017 Waffles Shou Puerh from White2Tea

Char of Oolong Owl reviewed a puerh that has been on wish list ever since it was released. I love the retro wrapper and her tasting notes really make me want to give it a try. Plus, who doesn’t love a cake that doesn’t need a sharp knife to be broken apart?

Thick Matcha (Koicha) Affagoto

Jee from Oh, How Civilized must be a mind reader. I have been craving ice cream with matcha drizzled on top and in this week’s blog post she does exactly that. Her easy to follow instructions are perfect for those who have never made koicha before. Culinary grade matcha is definitely the way to go for a treat like this, though.

Teas Unique Jeju Island 1st Flush Black Tea

Georgia at Notes On Tea brings us a review of a Jeju Island black tea just in time for the winter Olympics. Her recommendation of using more leaf and gaiwan preparation are spot on. South Korean black teas are dramatically different from those produced in other regions and your brewing parameters should be adjusted accordingly.

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