Friday Roundup: August 26th – September 1st

Unsung Hero

Xavier from Teaconomics wrote a very interesting blog post about an unsung hero of tea history, the Wardian case. Without it the Darjeeling tea industry as we know it might never have existed. Robert Fortune used this invention to successfully transport plants from China, changing the course of tea history.

Iced Matcha Rose Latte

Jee from Oh, How Civilized in the master of the layered matcha drink. This week she shared a recipe for a delicious and tasty combo of rose and matcha. I’m not usually a fan of hibiscus but I think this is one that I will need to try for myself. Better yet, this might be the perfect accompaniment to breakfast for my bridesmaids on the day of my wedding. 🙂

Tasting Scottish Black Tea | Tea Gardens of Scotland

Megan from Tasting Teas went on a guided tour of Susie Walker-Munro’s tea garden in Scotland. She was even able to film a short video of her experience. It was so cool that she able to compare var. sinensis and var. assamica plants in person. I am a massive fan of the Kinnetles Gold black tea that is produced there so this one tour I definitely see myself going on in the future.

Let’s Talk Tea | Tea Repertoire – Sejak Tenderess

Kimberly at Tea is a Wish Your Heart Makes had her first experience with a Korean tea. I love seeing these teas getting more lip service from tea bloggers lately. They are so good but they can still be a bit hard to find. As always, her thoughtful and thorough review really showcase the tea and I definitely like her idea of buying some of this to enjoy next summer.

Tea Fest PDX 2018

Tea Fest PDX was held back in July.  Several posts about the experience there from fellow bloggers have been featured here on the roundup. This week, Heather from Hanamichi shared her take on the event. I really enjoyed reading about all of the workshops that she attended, especially the one about esoteric teas.

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