Friday Roundup: August 19th – August 25th

Wuyi Shan Vibes

I’ve been following the adventures of Dylan at “Like the Sweetest Dew from Heaven” for quite some time. I really admire his commitment to being on the ground, learning from farmers in China. His base has been Huangshan for some time so I was surprised to see a post this week detailing his experiences in Wuyishan. 

4 Creative Ways to Relax with Tea

Lu Ann at The Cup of Life put together a list of some really unique ways to relax with tea. I love to drink tea so much that sometimes I forget that there are some many other ways that I can use it. The tea masks that she mentioned are something that I definitely think I need to check out. A DIY facial steam sounds like a lot of fun too!

The Ruckus over Rhuan Zhi

Geoff from Steep Stories of the Lazy Literatus has a nose for stories when it comes to tea. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a tea made with Rhuan Zhi but this write up definitely made me want to. The mysterious nature of this cultivar is certainly intriguing. Geoff’s theory of Qing Xing as an agricultural protest is even more so.

Interview: Brandon Friedman of Rakkasan Tea Company

Sarah over at Tea Happiness interviewed the co-founder of a company whose teas you’ll see appearing here on the blog soon. The fact that they work with small farmers in post-conflict counties really makes you feel good about drinking their tea. A veteran-owned company with a mission to bring peace is something that I really want to support.

Nio Teas: Three Japanese Green Teas: Bancha, Gyokuro, and Fukamushicha, A Tea Review

Lilli at My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies reviewed three different teas from a fairly new Japanese tea specialist called Nio Teas. It’s always interesting to compare teas and although these are all green teas from the same country, the taste of them varies widely. I’ve very much been enjoying the videos that Nio Teas has shared on Instagram and YouTube. Make sure you check them out!

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