Friday Roundup
Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: August 18th – August 24th

The Friday Roundup is a weekly collection of five of my favorite blog posts from around the world. It’s my little way of getting the word out about all of my favorite tea blogs.

White2Tea Very Old Huangpian – July 2019 Review

Micah from The Weekend Sessions shared his experience with sipping an aged huangpian offering from White2Tea. I’ve become a fan of this type of puerh but I’ve never seen one that was quite this old. He made the right call to use a small gaiwan in order to conserve leaf and concentrate aromas.

Matcha Marshmallow S’mores!

This former Girl Scout is a sucker for s’mores so I was super excited to see a recipe for them in my feed. Nazanin from Tea Thoughts put a tea twist on this classic by making her own matcha infused marshmallows. Yum! This is one that I definitely bookmarked so that I can try it later.

Alternate Tea Etiquette

I’m sure you’ve all seen the viral Twitter video of tea being made horribly. Given his nose for a good story, Geoff from Steep Stories got the scoop by interviewing its creator. Why didn’t I think of that?!? It was really cool to hear the tea side of things that major news outlets missed.

Investing In A 10 Step Tasting Process

I’ve been following Marco’s tea adventures on Instagram for quite a while. I was super excited to hear that he had launched a blog called Steap’d. This week he discussed the 10 step process that he uses to taste tea. Check out his beautiful photography both in this post and on his IG feed!

Interview: The Renegade Tea Estate

Sara from Tea Happiness posted a fascinating interview with Miina from Renegade Tea Estate, a new tea producer in Georgia (the country not the state). The timing is perfect because I’ve been doing a deep dive into several of their offerings. Keep your eyes peeled for more on that here soon!

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