Friday Round Up: September 13th – September 19th

Friday Round Up: September 13th – September 19th

合成樹脂茶筅 – Chasen made of synthetic resin
Did you know that chasens can be made out of resin instead of bamboo? Neither did I until I read this post from +Oca Ocani. Talk about a modern take on a classic!

Eisai: The Monk that Propagated Tea Culture in Japan
I always look forward to +Ricardo Caicedo dropping the knowledge on his very specialized blog, My Japanese Green Tea. This week brings us some great info about a man who played a very important role in tea.

White2Tea’s Clover Patch Oolong [Episode 123]
The boys at +Tea DB did a video this week where they tasted an oolong that is near the top of my “to try” list. It’s hard to get any better than an aromatic Wuyi.

A Glimpse of Afternoon Tea in London- Pt. 2: Sketch
+sara shacket recently took a trip to London and I’ve really enjoyed reading about the tea places that she discovered there. I’ve never heard of Sketch but it sounds like such a fun place. I’d go just for the bathrooms!

Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea by Teavivre
Veronica at SororiTea Sisters wrote a great review of one of my favorite types of green tea. Her description of the texture of this tea is spot on.

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