Friday Round Up: October 2nd – October 8th

A Visit to Té Company New York
James fron T Ching wrote about his visit to one of my favorite NYC tea haunts. Té Company is the perfect place to share tea with a few friends. I have yet to try that infamous pineapple cookie but it sounds like I definitely need to soon!

Oolong Owl Hoots the 2016 Northwest Tea Festival
I’ve long been envious of the thriving tea culture that exists in the Pacific Northwest. This was the ninth year that they had a festival that total blew anything on the east coast out of the water. I love how to +Charissa Gascho doled out awards in her post based on waste buckets!

A Tiny Bit of Canadian Oolong in a Tiny Gaiwan
Giving up a piece a teaware can be hard. I finally decided to part with a few things and +Geoffrey Norman claimed a barely used, very tiny yellow gaiwan. It makes my heart happy to see that “Skippy” is in a good home and getting lots of tasty tea. I’m also a bit jealous because the little stinker got to try Canadian tea before I did.

Recipe: Matcha Iced Latte (Feat. Genuine Tea Matcha Uji)
Touch of Tea posted an easy to follow recipe for iced matcha lattes. I never thought of adding vanilla before but I think that would add a nice touch of creaminess. I still prefer to use my milk frother but mason jars are definitely handy in a pinch.

Autumn & Spring Harvest – Green Pu’er | Misty Peak Teas
Gabie at Tea End Blog posted a very thorough comparison of puerh that was harvested in two different seasons. She even included a video interview with Nicholas, the owner of Misty Peak Teas.

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