Friday Roundup

Friday Round Up: November 6th – November 12th

A Calm Fragrance in Autumn
+Payton Swick‘s post this week reminded me of how much I’ve been missing my +Global Tea Hut subscription. Concubine Oolong is one of my favorites so I’m doubly bummed to have missed out on this one.

Tillerman Tea: Muzha TieGuanYin Spring 2016, A Tea Review
I’m a big fan of +Amanda Wilson‘s extremely thorough reviews. How lucky was she to discover Muzha TGY so early in life? This one definitely sounds like it is worth a giving a try.

Vancouver Tea Festival (2016)
AJ of Tea Stacks wrote about their experience at the latest Vancouver Tea Festival. As an American, I definitely have some major tea festival envy. Our neighbors to the north have a number of really awesome, dedicated tea festivals.

Get God on the Phone
+Cwyn N‘s story of tea being a refuge definitely hit home, especially this week. I think 9 grams of anything from +White2Tea would be a fine distraction from life.

Hsinchu Oriental Beauty from Adagio Teas – Tea Review
+Charissa Gascho reviewed a tea from +Adagio Teas‘ Masters Collection. I love how she gives an infusion by infusion breakdown of her experience. Isn’t that leaf beautiful?

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