Friday Round Up: November 29th – December 5th

Friday Round Up: November 29th – December 5th

New York City: Some Book Signing, Some Tea Drinking
+Linda Gaylard shared a bit about the book signing events that she held in NYC recently. I was so happy to catch her at T Shop to get my copy signed..

2015 Tea Book Roundup
Speaking of books, +Tony Gebely put together a great list of some of the tea books that came out this year. There’s a few new ones that will be added to my wishlist.

Tea of the United States
Kevin Gascoyne of (+Camellia Sinensis fame) shared his experience judging the recent TOTUS Awards in +Fresh Cup Magazine. It’s so exciting seeing the U.S. grown tea movement gaining some traction.

Tea Time Advent Calendar
+Bonnie Eng is one of the craftiest tea bloggers that I know. This week she shared instructions for a beyond adorable DIY advent calendar. This is a perfect idea for all of those poor folks who missed out on the infamous one from David’s Tea.

Traditional Tieguanyin
Nissan of KnjiTEA pondered a traditional Tie Guan Yin this week. I couldn’t agree more with his assessment of of “nuclear green” teas. They are harder to find but thankfully more traditional versions of this tea do exist.

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