Friday Round Up: November 1st – November 7th

Friday Round Up: November 1st – November 7th

Japanese Tea with a French Twist
+Ricardo Caicedo hosted an interesting guest post about an entrepreneur who is working to introduce the people of France to Japanese teas.

The Tea Book Update: Book signings in New York City
Those of us near NYC are in for a treat. +Linda Gaylard will be holding book signing events at +T Shop as well as Monkey Cup. I can’t wait to get my copy signed!

+TJ W, host of World Tea Podcast, recent had fellow blogger +Geoffrey Norman on his show to discuss the weird teas that they’ve both had. Tea nerdity filled hilariousness ensued.

Sanne Tea, 2014-2015 Oriental Beauty
The Everyday Tea Blog wrote an interesting comparison of two different harvests of oriental beauty from the same vendor. I’ve never heard of Sanne Tea before but I really like the handwritten look of their packaging.

Tea Tasting at Capital Teas Teabar & Boutique in the Mosaic District
+Georgia SS attended a very cool tasting at Capital Teas. I remember really enjoying visiting one of their shops a few years ago when I visited the area. They’ve grown quite a lot since then.

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