Friday Round Up: May 8th – May 14th

2016 Midwest Tea Festival Coverage
+Alexsia Wilson gave us some awesome commentary on the Midwest Tea Festival this week. This event is definitely on my wishlist for next year.

Tea Cultivars – 12 Chinese Tea Cultivars
+Georgia SS is taking a tea education course and completed this blog post as part of an optional homework assignment. Funnily enough, most of the teas that she chose were from Fujian Province. That’s one of my favorite tea places.

Misty Peaks 2016 Mao Cha
+Payton Swick wrote about his experience with one of my favorite puerh teas. It’s great to see that his tasting notes echo my own. Misty Peaks’ teas are everything that I love about Yiwu.

A Look Into Becoming A Certified TAC Tea Sommelier
+Lu Ann Pannunzio interviewed +Shabnam Weber about what it takes to become a tea sommelier with the Tea Association of Canada. There’s a lot of programs out there so it’s great to hear about an actual student’s experience.

Podcast 029: Chaos Theory Ceramics
+Ricardo Caicedo‘s podcast is always interesting and informative. This week he interviewed Vince, part of the duo behind Chaos Theory Ceramics. They make some truly breathtaking Jian teaware that is sure to endanger my wallet very soon.

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