Friday Round Up: May 1st – May 7th

A Moment of Descendants
+Jen Piccotti wrote a lovely post about having one of my new favorite oolongs with her parents. Smooth Floral Touch is definitely a tea that begs to be shared. Sometimes I wish that my family would by willing to give gongfu a try. It’s just not for them though.

Seasoning A Boob-Shaped Yixing Teapot
+Geoffrey Norman and I have probably had more conversations about boob shaped teapots that anyone else we know. His latest post, especially the accompanying video, resulted in fits of giggles.

The Problem with Tea Sommeliers
+Tony Gebely hosted a post from Jordan Hardin this week that made me immediately respond with, “THIS!”. As someone who has been involved in tea for a number of years the serious lack of a proper educational system is one of my biggest frustrations. There has been a lot of conversation about this topic lately so hopefully that means that we’ll be taking steps towards change.

Tea with Darth Vader
+Rachana Rachel Carter celebrated Star Wars week with an adorable series of themed posts. This one was my favorite because it features a drawing that my fiance did when her son was born. What could be better than Darth Vader drinking tea?

Ruby Red Tea – Taiwan 18
Warren at Simple Subtle Tea reminded me of how much I’ve been missing my Global Tea Hut subscription. Their annual shipment of Ruby 18 is one that I always looked forward to. At keast I got to live vicariously through his tasting notes.

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