Friday Roundup

Friday Round Up: March 13th – March 19th

Milky Milky, Righhtttttt
Cody, aka The Oolong Drunk, is back with a review of What-Cha’s milk oolong. His comparison to doing creamer shots while waiting for your pancakes made me giggle.

DIY All-Natural Tea-Dyed Eggs
Tippy at The Lovely Teacup put together a great post for using tea to dye Easter eggs. I definitely think that I’ll be giving it a try this year.

The Gaiwan: Tea Vessel with Soul
+Linda Gaylard is a tea drinker after my own heart. I adored this ode to the gaiwan, my favorite brewing vessel as well.

What to Read: Tea Journey
+sara shacket echoed my thoughts about Tea Journey Magazine, a new digital magazine that I am very excited about. I’ll have a post of own about it closer to the launch of their Kickstarer campaign.

Grey’s Tea Kokeicha
+Ricardo Caicedo reviewed a very unusual Japanese green tea that I have never heard of. Rather than being made from whole leaves, it is made out of extruded pieces of powdered tea.

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